How to get loans for Italian Post Employees

How post office 2017 loans work

How post office 2017 loans work

There are many circumstances that can lead to a request for funding. However, it is very difficult to find a product that reconciles convenience, transparent repayment conditions and sustainability of the repayment during the entire amortization plan. Among the most competitive solutions we find Social Institute loans for post office employees. What do they offer, what are the entry requirements and for what circumstances can they be requested? Let’s examine all the solutions. for more.

Loans for post office employees

The Social Institute loans for post office employees are divided into two proposals. The Small Loan Management Fund Poste is a product characterized by a refund on the sale of the fifth with repayment on 12, 24, 36 or 48 months. The sums granted instead start from a minimum of one monthly salary but can increase up to eight.

This is a credit line addressed to employees of post office and associated companies. A specific requirement must be met: have at least two years of service seniority. Among the advantages we find the opportunity not to provide any reason at the time of the request.

The small loan

The interest rate is very convenient, in fact we find a Taeg which corresponds to 5%. Let’s move on to the loan application. The request must be sent using the form, to which various documents must be attached:

  • copy of the last paycheck
  • salary certificate;
  • photocopy of identity document.

Multi-year financing

Multi-year financing

The multi-year Loan for Funds Management is also a loan on the sale of the fifth, but in this case the duration options are two: five or ten years.

The beneficiaries are the same as for the Small Loan, but the applicant must be able to count on four years of tenure. Furthermore, the application can only be sent on condition that the purpose is one of those foreseen by the regulation. The installment is calculated in the light of a Taeg of 3.50%.

How to submit the application? Several attachments must be added to the request form:

  • salary certificate;
  • copy of the last paycheck;
  • copy of a valid identity document;
  • certified copy of the originals;
  • self-certification of family status;
  • certificate of good health;
  • documentation required by the regulation for any reason.

The request for Social Institute loans for long-term Poste employees must be sent by post to the address: Social Institute Central Credit and Welfare Department – Credit Performance Area – Via Aldo Ballarin, 42 – 00142 Rome.

Renewal of multi-year loans

Renewal of multi-year loans

It is possible to renew five-year and ten-year loans with loans of the same duration provided that two or four years have elapsed since the start of the amortization plan respectively. However, in the event that the applicant wishes to renew a five-year loan with a ten-year loan, it is not necessary to wait for two years to pass.

We also remind you that those with a five-year or ten-year loan can apply for a small loan. Funding which will however be disbursed to a lesser extent.

In other words, you can get:

  • annual loans with an amount equal to one month;
  • biennial loans with an amount equal to two months;
  • three-year loans with an amount equal to three months;
  • four-year loans with an amount equal to four months. 

Early repayment of loans

Early repayment of loans

When is it possible to carry out the early repayment of Social Institute loans for post office employees? For small loans, early repayment is possible at any time, while for multi-year loans, a minimum period of time must have elapsed.

Specifically, for five-year loans, early repayment is possible after two years from the start of the repayment plan while for ten-year loans, at least four years must be waited.


Peel About Credit and Debit Notes With Examples!

Do you know the term Debit Note? The name feels foreign, isn’t it in your ears? For those of you who are engaged in accounting are already familiar with the term debit.

Yes, in practice it is not uncommon for business actors to issue Debit Notes and Credit Notes which are evidence of external transactions. This matter is. This is a process of accounting.

In this article, we would like to share information that many people do not know or understand about what is debit notes and credit notes. However, we will first discuss the notion of debit and credit in general, please read it first!


What is Debit?

debt loan

Debits in accounting come from Latin, namely Debere. Debits are the opposite of credit, as a record in a accounting account that increases the value of an asset or reduces the amount of a liability.

The definition of Debit in general is a reduction in deposits in a bank account or bookkeeping record that increases the value of assets or reduces the amount of liabilities.

Debit and credit are terms that are often used in the world of financial accounting. Debit is defined as an increase in money in a savings or account and can also be interpreted as an increase in transactions.

While credit is defined as spending money when making transactions. However, the term credit is better known as providing money for loans and loan agreements between banks and their customers and is required to pay off within a certain period of time.

Debit and credit can not only be interpreted as adding or reducing money in savings. Because in the interests of the company’s financial statements, debit and credit are not that simple. Debit can also be interpreted as money that must be billed to other people or receivables.


What is Credit?

credit loans

Credit is the accounting records when conditions occur where liability and equity have increased (increased). Or assets and costs have decreased (decreased). Credit is the opposite of debit, and is on the right hand side.


What Does Credit Debit Mean in Accounting?

Credit Debit Mean in Accounting?

In terms of meaning, the term credit debit does not actually have any meaning in accounting. A common misconception, especially for people who are just learning accounting, is that debit means “increasing” while credit “means” decreasing.

This definition is true in some components of the account in accounting, namely assets and expenses. However, in other components such as liability, owner’s equity and income definition is clearly not right.

Thus, debit and credit cannot be interpreted or interpreted only by increasing and decreasing, because the conditions are different for each group of accounts.

The conclusion based on what I read from several sources is that debits and credits have no meaning, other than the recording position of an account whether it is on the debit or credit side, based on the characteristics of each account.


What is Debit Note?

debit loan

Memorandum Debit, or better known as a debit note (debit note) is proof of the transaction of sending goods back goods purchased (purchase returns) and a decrease in the price of goods. Usually occurs because the goods purchased there are damaged or not according to order.

A debit note is made for purchase return and item price reduction transactions. The buyer makes a debit memorandum which is then sent to the seller.

With the issuance of Debit Notes, it can be interpreted that there has been a reduction in the buyer’s business debt which must be paid off or paid for due to the return of merchandise or a decrease in the price of the goods. The buyer sends the original sheet to the seller at the same time sending back the goods purchased (if making a purchase return).


What is Credit Note?

What is Credit Note?

Credit Memorandum or better known as a credit note (credit note) is proof of the transaction of receiving goods back goods that have been sold on credit (sales returns), or reduction / decrease in price on the invoice because there are damaged goods or quality that is not in accordance with the order. So the buyer returns the item. Credit notes are made by the seller and sent to the buyer. Credit notes reduce the seller’s trade receivables to be billed to the buyer.


Compared to Apply Credit Cards, It’s Better Investment Only!

As a card that can be used as a flexible payment method, of course now credit cards have become an item that is always in everyone’s wallet. By applying for a credit card, you do not need to wait for the end of the month to buy goods, because you can use a credit card first to buy it. With a credit card, everything becomes easier and of course facilitates flexibility in transactions. However, despite all the conveniences offered by credit cards, this card also has losses that can make you difficult to manage.

The use of credit cards that are not wise makes a lot of problems arise, ranging from payments that are not timely, the use of credit cards, causing over limits and so on. For those of you who just want to apply for a credit card, try to rethink again.


Apply for a Credit Card

Apply for a Credit Card

Excessive consumptive behavior

With promo offers given to credit card users encourage people to use credit cards. But, indirectly this will make excessive shopping habits. If this habit is inherent, it is not impossible that the debt will continue to accumulate.

This credit card can give the illusion that you who have a credit card can buy goods that cost more than the existing income. To that end, credit card holders must be wise in using their credit cards to suit their needs rather than their desires.

Interest and other expensive fees

Interest and other expensive fees

Usually new credit cards make it easy at the beginning by eliminating fees in the first year, then for the second year onwards there will be an annual fee. This is an effort to hook those who are willing to owe it in advance and pay it later after earning income at the end of the month,

however, if you forget to pay according to the specified date, you will be penalized so your debt will increase.

Debts will never end

Debts will never end

Yes, using a credit card means that you are ready to increase your monthly debt. With the convenience offered by credit cards, its users have the urge to always want to shop and finally go into debt. Remember, shopping using a credit card is not spending with funds in your own savings, but shopping with debt to the bank.

The ease of shopping with a credit card is very helpful, but it will make the debt increase if you are late in making payments, therefore excessive use of credit cards will cause new problems instead of becoming a solution for you.


Instead of applying for a credit card, why not just try investing?

Instead of applying for a credit card, why not just try investing?

If applying for a credit card makes you have more expenses at the end of the month, conversely with an investment you get additional income at the end of the month. In addition, with investments you can get profits, look after future needs, prepare retirement savings and as mentioned above ie have additional income.

Instead of spending your monthly money just to pay off credit card debt, pay credit card interest or pay a late credit card, it’s better to have the money invested in Good Rite Lending.

Because, only Accelerated Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending company can provide security, convenience and certain benefits, and can be a solution to manage your finances. The benefits that you can enjoy are also clear with 18-21% yield per year, will greatly help you to get financial freedom.