Credit despite temporary work

When applying for a loan, the bank always requires an employment contract that cannot be terminated. Temporary workers also have a job and earn a regular income each month, but this can be eliminated at any time. The temporary worker is employed on a temporary basis and his employment relationship can therefore be canceled at any time.

This is sufficient for banks to classify the applicant as a risk and, as a rule, then do not grant a loan despite temporary work. But temporary workers also want to make purchases or pay bills that are unscheduled.

Significantly increase credit opportunities

Significantly increase credit opportunities

Since it is difficult for this group of people to get a loan despite temporary work, initiative is the order of the day. If you take care of sufficient security yourself, you will also increase your chances of getting a loan despite temporary work. In the best case, the applicant brings a guarantor with them to the bank meeting. The latter can sign the loan agreement so that the loan is secured. For example, this guarantor can be the spouse or a friend. Banks only want a guarantor to have a permanent job and to be able to prove that they have enough income to pay for their livelihood and loan. A guarantor is only used when the applicant can no longer pay off the installments.

Conditions for a loan despite temporary workers

Conditions for a loan despite temporary workers

The conditions of the banks are always different, but if this loan is involved, each bank will only grant a small loan. The term is adjusted to the employment contract. As long as the employment relationship runs, the credit usually runs as long. This is done for the reason that the borrower cannot go into debt if he is no longer employed after the temporary contract and possibly slips into unemployment.

A small loan includes a loan amount of around 5,000 dollars. If there is a guarantor with a very good credit rating, this sum can also be increased. Interest rates are slightly higher than with a normal loan due to the increased credit default risk. The lower the total that is absorbed, the lower the monthly installments. So only as much should be included as is actually needed so that the monthly burden is not too high.

Government Agency Loans How to get them? Requirements and Request

Government Agency loans how to apply for them and to whom they apply

Government Agency loans how to apply for them and to whom they apply

Government Agency loans how to get them? In addition to taking care of the pensions of its members, the Social Institute Public Employee Management provides employees and pensioners of the public administration with subsidized conditions. These are the so-called Government Agency loans, which are divided into small loans and long-term loans.

The former are personal loans, while the latter are finalized loans granted only for documented needs falling within the cases provided for by the Social Institute Loans Regulation. In both cases, the Social Institute ex Government Agency loans are repaid through an amortization plan in monthly installments. But let’s see in detail what the Government Agency loan requirements how to get them.

Small Social Institute loans can be obtained by all former Government Agency employees and pensioners enrolled in the unitary management of credit and social benefits. Small loans can have an annual, biennial, three-year or four- year duration, and for each year of duration it is possible to obtain a sum equal to two average net monthly payments received by the applicant.

How to get Government Agency loans: the necessary requirements

How to get Government Agency loans: the necessary requirements

Amount that can be financed which is reduced to a net average monthly salary for each year if the applicant has other pension or salary deductions in progress. Regardless of the duration and the amount financed, an interest rate of 4.25% and a rate of administration costs of 0.5% are applied to small Social Institute loans.

A share for the Social Institute risk provision also applies to the gross amount of the loan. The premium to be paid is defined according to the duration of the loan and the age of the applicant.

As regards long-term loans, however, these are granted only to public employees and pensioners who can claim, in addition to registration, a contribution contribution to the unitary management of credit and social benefits of at least four years. For the purposes of access to credit, a length of service useful to the pension of not less than four years is also required.

For public employees, an indefinite-term employment contract is also required, however employees hired on a fixed-term contract (not less than three years) can access multi-year loans that can be extinguished over the period of validity of the employment contract.

Government Agency loans how the application process works

Government Agency loans how the application process works

Unlike small loans, there are only two sizes for multi-year loans: five and ten years. Duration and amount that can be financed are established according to the purpose of the loan, based on the provisions of the Social Institute Loan Regulation. The interest rate is 3.50%. Also in this case, a rate is applied for administration costs and one for the Social Institute risk provision.

Government Agency loans how to get them? The loan application can only be submitted electronically. Public employees must submit the funding request through the administration they belong to, while pensioners submit the application through the online procedure, by accessing the Social Institute reserved area with the device PIN.

Discover loans for Social Institute Pensioners at a discounted rate

Loan guide for retirees

Loan guide for retirees

Social Institute pensioners’ loans are produced on assignment of the fifth, or loans whose installment cannot exceed 1/5 of the pension treatment. The refund process involves automatic withholding from the monthly check.

Loans for Social Institute pensioners are divided into two categories : those granted directly by the social security institution and those granted by banks and finance companies. In this article we will see in detail what the characteristics of the loans are and how to request them.

Loans granted by banks

Loans granted by banks

In the case of loans for Social Institute pensioners granted by banks or financial companies, it is up to the pensioner to select the financing that best suits his needs. Social Institute will then provide the bank or financial company with the installment provided for in the amortization plan.

The duration of the loan cannot exceed 10 years. As regards the constraints to be respected, we also have insurance coverage relating to the risk of retiree’s retirement.

Not all retirees are eligible for Social Institute pensioner loans. There are some treatments that are excluded, here are what they are:

  • pensions and social allowances;
  • civil disabilities;
  • monthly allowances for disability pensioners;
  • income support allowances;
  • family allowances;
  • pensions with joint ownership for the portion not attributable to the person requesting the assignment;
  • exodus benefits.

The application procedures

The application procedures

What is the procedure to follow to get Social Institute pensioner loans? The pensioner is called first of all to have the communication of the transferability of the pension. This is a document that specifies the maximum value that the loan installment can take.

The process of requesting the transferable quota is quite simple. However, the applicant, or the pensioner, must report to Social Institute. The document must therefore be provided to the selected provider.

The pensioner can choose to define the financing with a bank or financial institution affiliated with Social Institute. In this case the loan application process is simplified.

In fact, the communication of the transferability of the pension will be requested directly from the bank to Social Institute.

Another non-secondary aspect inherent to the affiliated bodies is represented by interest rates, which are very competitive.

How to calculate the amount

How to calculate the amount

The maximum amount of funding is defined in relation to the pension. The installment cannot in fact exceed 1/5 of the pension.

The pensioner must keep in mind, however, that the monthly allowance considered net of any tax and social security deductions is relevant.

The installment cannot compromise the size of the minimum pension, which is calculated every year.

The role of Social Institute

Those who intend to take out a loan with a credit institution affiliated with Social Institute, will enjoy a series of advantages. Social Institute will in fact carry out some checks on the bank or financial institution involved. Checks that guarantee a greater guarantee of transparency and convenience for the pensioner.

For example, the social security institution will ensure that all costs are indicated in the contract: from the preliminary investigation to the commissions. Not only. Social Institute also checks that the bank or financial institution chosen by the pensioner has all the legal requirements for granting loans on assignment of the fifth.

For the purposes of granting the loan, it is also essential that the rate applied (and indicated in the contract) is lower than the anti-usury threshold rate set periodically by law. The installment, on the other hand, must not exceed the fifth part (20%) of the net amount of the monthly pension.

Social Institute subsidized loans for pensioners 2017

Social Institute subsidized loans for pensioners 2017

Now that we have seen in detail the conditions applied to Social Institute pensioners’ loans granted by banks and finance companies, let’s move on to those granted directly by the Institute.

Before reviewing the conditions, however, it is necessary to specify that these loans are granted exclusively to public pensioners. In order to access credit, the pensioner must also be registered with a special Fund, the Unitary Management of credit and social benefits.

Having said this, let’s move on to Social Institute ex Government Agency loans at subsidized rates. They fall into two categories: small loans and multi-year loans. The former fall into the category of personal loans, and are therefore not related to the purchase of particular goods or services. Therefore, no particular expenditure documents must be submitted when applying.

The requirements

We begin the question of the requirements with those foreseen for the small loans for pensioners Social Institute ex Government Agency. In this case, to obtain the credit it is sufficient to be a public pensioner registered in the aforementioned Social Institute Unit Management.

For long-term loans, on the other hand, there are various requirements to be met. Also in this case, enrollment in the Unitary Management is foreseen, but a minimum working seniority is also required. The applicant must in fact be able to have at least four years of service seniority useful for retirement purposes.

Not only. Social Institute ex Government Agency multi-year loans can only be obtained by those who also have a contribution contribution to the Unitary Management of not less than four years.

Amounts and refund

The small loans for pensioners Social Institute ex Government Agency allow access to relatively low sums. The amount that can be financed depends on the amount of the pension allowance received by the beneficiary and on the duration of the amortization plan.

In fact, for each year of duration it is possible to obtain a sum equal to a monthly pension. The funding can last from 12 to 48 months, and it is therefore possible to obtain:

  • annual loans with an amount equal to a monthly pension;
  • biennial loans with an amount equal to two months’ pension;
  • three-year loans with an amount equal to three months’ pension;
  • four-year loans with an amount equal to four months’ pension.

In the event that the applicant does not have other pension deductions in progress, it is also possible to request small loans for pensioners in two months (annual loans with an amount equal to two months, biennial loans with an amount equal to four months, etc.).

In any case, the amortization plan is in monthly installments and requires the application of an interest rate (Tan) equal to 4.25%. The rate of administration costs of 0.50% and a share for the payment of the Social Institute Risk Fund premium are also applied to the gross amount of the service.

The latter is defined on the basis of the age of the applicant and the duration of the loan. The relevant table can be consulted on the official Social Institute website.

Multiannual funding 2017

On the other hand, the issue for multi-year Social Institute ex Government Agency loans is different. Since these are targeted loans, the amount payable varies according to the expenditure you want to make. To give an example, for the purchase of the first house it is possible to obtain up to 150 thousand USD to be repaid in 10 years.

The duration can be 5 or 10 years, depending on the purpose. The rate is instead fixed at 3.5%. As for small loans, long-term loans are subject to administration costs and the premium for the Social Institute Risk Fund.

You can take out a lightning credit in just few minutes.


Some bills or purchases do not allow deferral, so consumers may need money quickly. The money is not always available, so that a lightning loan can be thought of in a few minutes. Few know exactly what is behind this loan.

What is a lightning credit in a few minutes?

What is a lightning credit in a few minutes?

Many think that they can go to the bank and take out a lightning loan in a few minutes. But this is not always the case, because if you take out a loan from your house bank, for example, you will not receive this special loan. This is mainly due to the fact that the customer must be checked for creditworthiness and the customer must first make an appointment with the bank.

A lightning credit in a few minutes can often be taken out on the Internet. However, it must be ensured that the money is not paid out within a few minutes, but that the application can be carried out within a few minutes. In addition, it only takes a few minutes for the applicant to find a suitable offer in the form of a loan comparison.

No bank, savings bank or direct bank transfers the money within a few minutes after applying. Rather, the application will be processed within a few minutes. So if you need money quickly, you should pay attention to some things so that they can accelerate the payment.

How can the application be speeded up?

How can the application be speeded up?

To get a lightning credit in a few minutes, an application should be submitted in the morning. This gives the bank all day to take care of this application and the payment. Not infrequently, the payment will then be in the account with an express transfer in the afternoon.

Furthermore, the borrower should have all documents ready, because this way the creditworthiness can be checked immediately and the lender does not have to wait long for these documents. Copies of proof of income and ID should always be available.

Direct banks and also the house banks check the Credit Bureau for negative entries. This can take a few hours, so the borrower has to be patient here. If it is not noticed negatively, the loan application will be quickly approved. However, if the customer has a poor credit rating, security must be provided.

Borrowing at Risk – What Can Be Done

Borrowing at Risk - What Can Be Done

There should be collateral so that no loan rejection occurs. For people who do not have a good income, this is a condition that must be met. Anyone who can offer a surety as collateral will not jeopardize borrowing. It is different with the unemployed or those who have no guarantor.

The situation with unemployed people is that any application would be rejected. Banks demand income, even if it comes from part-time employment. Since the unemployed receive social benefits from the state, this is not counted as income and therefore no loan is granted.

In the case of low-wage earners, part-time employees or trainees, collateral comes into play. In addition to a surety, the bank can also offer the customer life insurance. However, this would always result in additional costs that would not be worthwhile for small loans. Some banks also issue overdrafts where no further collateral is required. The disadvantage here is that the overdraft facility has a high interest rate, so that the overdraft facility will become very expensive.

If you have too many entries in the Credit Bureau and your borrowing is at risk, you may have some entries deleted. Especially when it comes to entries that come through a collection company, can be deleted. However, this assumes that the bills have been paid. Each entry less means that the creditworthiness can increase and thus the chances of a loan also increase.

Instant credit without credit check


You want a new closet? Are you moving from home and still need some furniture or a complete set-up? But especially at the beginning of the new life, it usually looks bad with installment loans. The creditworthiness of young professionals is not necessarily creditworthy.

Money for the first own institution – properly funded.

Money for the first own institution - properly funded.

Find a provider on the Internet via a loan comparison page. As a rule, it is advisable to submit a credit inquiry to several providers for an instant loan without a credit check. To do this, fill in the pre-prepared loan request on the bank’s homepage. The request already contains many details that you no longer have to fill out for the subsequent loan application.

The credit request is free of charge and non-binding for an instant loan without a credit check. After a short time you will receive an answer and a precise description of how to proceed. Nevertheless, compare the offers again carefully and pay particular attention to the conditions in the loan agreement. Compare the offered interest rate exactly and note that lending without a credit check is a greater risk for the bank, this risk usually results in a higher interest rate.

However, you have no disadvantages due to the higher interest rate, after all, you get your desired amount without someone looking into your financial situation. You print out and sign your loan application yourself and send the application to the bank by post.

The identity is confirmed here by Postident, just go to the nearest post office, don’t forget your ID and bring the documents for the instant loan without a credit check. The official checks your address details and date of birth and reliably forwards the application. Your money will be transferred to your checking account within a few days of receipt by the credit partner.

After a short wait – let’s go shopping.

After a short wait - let

Now there is nothing standing in the way of starting your own life. The way to the furniture stores is free and you can fulfill your furnishing request.